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Who we are

The SSEAA was formed in 2011, to establish Sexological Bodywork as a legitimate profession in Australasia and contribute to the development of industry codes of ethics and practice globally.

Today the SSEAA is home to a network of practitioners from several professions based throughout Australasia who provide life changing services to their clients and communities.


The association offers a unified voice for our industries, promoting the benefits and legitimacy of this work. We continue to strengthen the profession by connecting our community of practitioners, providing professional development opportunities and support for our members.

The Somatic Sex Educators’ Association of Australasia (SSEAA) is managed by a dedicated volunteer committee who are also members and professionals in the field.


President: Jordan Hackett

Vice-President: Kaggi Valentine

Secretary: Anthony Severino

Treasurer: Rebecca Levy

Ordinary Committee Members: Uma Furman, Jonn CloseLaura-Doe Harris & Sam Beer

The committee is re-elected every year at the AGM and meets a minimum of four times a year. Sub-committees are formed for various projects and general members may be involved. If you have an interest in joining the committee or a sub-committee please email us

The Somatic Sex Educators Association is the industry organisation for certified somatic and sex educators; a group of professionals working with clients interested in learning about their bodies, well being and sexuality through embodied practice.


Our members, who are trained, certified, and insured, work under mandatory codes of practice and ethics, providing unique education and support to clients on issues of shame, sexual dysfunction, consent and boundaries, curiosity and self-expression.

This work is incredibly valuable to our clients and to society as a whole, de-pathologising sex and the human body and using openness and inquiry to break down long-standing stigmas that help no-one.

of Sexological Bodywork
The History

The Work developed out of the AIDS epidemic of the 1980’s in San Francisco when people’s eroticism shut down as a result of the crisis. A group of people, amongst them Joseph Kramer the creator of Sexological Bodywork, started developing and experimenting with safe and shame-free ways in which people could connect to their bodies, sexuality and pleasure.

Joseph along with Annie Sprinkle, Barbara Carrellas, Chester Mainard and others developed a style of mindful erotic bodywork they named A Taoist Erotic Massage.

Joseph founded the Body Electric School, which over the decades has taught tens of thousands of people this style of bodywork. He noticed that participants had incredible life changing experiences, however they were having difficulty integrating those experiences into their daily lives. He started researching ways in which integration and learning can happen. Out of that inquiry the Sexological Bodywork Profession was borne with the understanding that integration takes time and regular practice.


Sexological Bodywork practitioners are somatic sex educators, supporting individuals, couples and groups to learn to direct their own erotic development, learn about their bodies, sex and sexuality, and work through sexual issues or concerns. They aim to empower their students, through different coaching and teaching methods to live more fully in their bodies.

The training was brought to Australia in 2010 after being taught in San Francisco since 2003. Joseph Kramer and Ellen Heed first taught the program and still contribute to the training of practitioners at various institutes around the world.

The Institute of Somatic Sexology, based in Australia, facilitates international training for the Certificate of Sexological Bodywork and other professional qualifications.

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