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I’m Kai (he/him), a lived experienced practitioner, and the brains behind Polyso ...


Lillie Brown ✦ Sexologist
Lillie Brown

Somatic Sexologist and Embodied Counsellor ...

Far South Coast NSW and Online

Being In Body
Jack Martin

Relationship & Sexuality Coaching ...

Online sessions only

Tantra Byron Bay
Eve Glimma

Exploring Your Embodied Pleasure Potential ...

Byron Bay

Maire Joy - Sexologist
Maire Joy Barron

Supporting the expansion of pleasure, body awareness & effective communication. ...

Conscious Somatic

My vision is to create a world of conscious & healthy sex educated human beings ...

Brisbane & Online

Danielle Maree

Lovingly guiding singles and couples into deeper awarness and erotic expansion. ...

North Kellyville

Susan Stark
Susan Stark

Step by step practical support, transforming stuckness to vibrant confidence. ...

The yOniversity
Laura-Doe Harris

Award-winning somatic sexologist, comedienne and singer/songwriter ...


Somatic and Creative Therapist
Vanessa K Vance

Embracing the creative, fierce, tender & sacred ~ counsellor, somatic sex educat ...

Western Australia

Jules Chi

Online, embodied counselling and trauma processing; EMDR and other somatic suppo ...

Online only

Vulva Dialogues
Alice Child

I work with individuals, couples & groups of all gender identities, helping them ...

Sydney and Online

Body Curious
Jonn Close

Specialising in men's health to build a better relationship with sex, intimacy & ...

Sydney Studio or online

Grace Crawford-Smith
Grace Crawford-Smith

I help people experience more pleasure and less shame ...


Pleasure Centred Sexology
Kassandra Mourikis

Embodied counselling approaches to exploring sex, pleasure and sexuality ...

Hawthorn & Online

Julian Jayar Somatics
Julian Jayar

Finding more pleasure in our bodies - free of shame! ...


Nikkiema Rai

Creating deeper embodied experiences for a richer life ...

Patrick Bellett Somatic Sexology
Patrick Bellett

Supporting you to explore new ways of doing things to access more pleasure. ...

Macedon Ranges & Online

Tyler Mathews
Tyler Mathews

Expanding knowledge and understanding of your erotic body and mind, ...


Soma & Sage
Sage Wilde

I specialise in educating people to feel empowered about their sexuality ...

Brisbane and Online

Abundant Body
Stella Topaz

Sexological Bodyworker, Erotic Educator, Wheel of Consent® Facilitator, ...

Embodied Sexology
Belinda Claveria

Helping you feel sexually empowered, sensually alive & connected in intimacy. ...

Geelong & Surf Coast

ST Therapy
Lorraine Pentello

EMDR, Somatic Therapist & Bodyworker. Specialising in pelvic pain, trauma and er ...


Tantric Synergy Foundation
Stephanie Phillips

Integrating pathways for deeper sexual connection and expanded awareness ...

Melbourne and Byron Bay

Exploring Women's Sexuality
Rebecca Levy

A Somatic Sex educator, Sexological Bodyworker & Counsellor, I support people t ...

Newcastle Hunter Region & Online

Jordan Hackett
Jordan Hackett

I connect you to the wild passion within so you can create empowered relationshi ...

Byron Bay / Gold Coast

Jonathan Totti

Somatic Counselling, Sexological Bodywork, Life Skills for Adults, Handyman. ...


Somatic Sex Education
Uma Ayelet Furman

I invite you to join me on a journey of true self discovery ...

Brisbane and online

Nirvana Pilkington
Nirvana Pilkington

(Re)-Defining Pleasure ...

Brisbane and Online

Evoke Eros
Mandy Rose

Empower you to be an extraordinary lover for more happiness satisfaction & pleas ...

Auckland NZ & Online

Kaggi Valentine

Somatic Sexologist and Bodyworker, specialising in pelvic wellness. ...

Macedon Ranges & Online

Embodied Therapy
Deej Juventin

Somatic approaches to therapy, counselling, sex education and supervision ...

Brisbane and Online

Morgan Penn
Morgan Penn

Somatic Sexologist ...

Cyd Crossman
Cyd Crossman

Clinical Supervision for Somatic Sexologists ...

Kate Alderman - Somatic Sexology

Liberating and empowering people to thrive in pleasure, relationships and life! ...

Gold Coast

Sonia Waters

Embodiment therapist, somatic sexologist. Guiding humans to freedom. ...

New Zealand

Sexual Health and Wellbeing
Anthony Severino

Passionate somatic sex educator, open communicator and facilitator. Specialises ...

Sydney and Online

Rebecca Rose
Rebecca Rose

Facilitates a process of deeper self knowledge that allows people to get in touc ...

Sydney and Online

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