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Supervision Information

Ongoing Professional Supervision is a requirement of all members.
The full SSEAA Supervision Policy below is followed by a list of SSEAA recommended supervisors.

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SSEAA Supervision Policy
Supervision Process Options


SSEAA is committed to ongoing learning and assistance and has developed supervision options to provide guidance to Australasian Somatic Sex Educators. These also help to clarify the Association’s views and expectations on a range of areas with the intention of supporting practitioners beyond certification. As Somatic Sex Educators work in different ways, supervision must reflect this. SSEAA membership allows practitioners to choose an option most suited to their practice. The Association requires members to retain evidence of supervision and professional development as per the membership agreement. Association-approved supervisors are experienced professionals who have undertaken Association-approved training in competency-based supervision. In the event a member wishes to undertake supervision with a supervisor not on the SSEAA list, approval may be granted by the committee on a case-by-case basis.

To maintain appropriate levels of professional competence, all members must seek professional supervision or consultation as required.

Practicing Somatic Sex Educators must be able to produce confirmation of supervision sessions they have attended for at least the last seven financial years or from the commencement of their membership whichever is the lesser. The Association may request evidence of supervision in the event of a complaint or other proceeding against a member, or otherwise at the discretion of the current executive committee.

  • Members can show this through a yearly signed document from their supervisor/s that confirms they have had at least the minimum required amount of supervision throughout the year, and preferably shows the quantity of supervision sessions attended, or otherwise through signed letter/s of confirmation from the supervisor/s.

  • Members must affirm that they will receive adequate (at least the minimum; preferably more according to case load) professional supervision and/or consultation when renewing their membership.

  • Storing and acquiring evidence of supervision are the responsibility of the member.

supervision process options
Supervision Requirements


The Association mandates a minimum of two supervision sessions per year. The two minimum sessions may be one-to-one, or supervisor-led group sessions. The Association reserves the right to adjudicate on appropriateness of other supervision processes proposed by individual members.

The Association strongly recommends supervision beyond the minimum but recognises that the case load of members and thus the supervision requirement varies considerably between members. The following table shows recommended frequency of supervision according to case load:

Number of Sessions
Supervision frequency recommendation

>30 per month

15-30 per month

5-15 per month

<5 per month


Every second month


Twice annually

Supervision requirements in the code of conduct (i.e. that members undertake timely supervision in the event of a potential breach of ethics, or of a complaint by a client) remain mandatory regardless of whether or not the member has already fulfilled annual supervision obligations.

supervision requirements

Our Recommended Supervisors

Please contact them directly to discuss an appointment


Deej Juventin:
Laura-Doe Harris:
Susan Stark:
Myola Woods:
Cyd Crossman:

Lorraine Pentello:

Patrick Bellett:

United States

Joseph Kramer:
Ellen Heed:
Betty Martin:


Captain Snowdon:

our supervisors
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