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We welcome all persons to join our association to be a part of a growing network in the emerging field of somatic sex education. Depending on your qualifications and intentions we offer two levels of membership, Professional and Associate.

Professional Membership for practitioners and educators.

Associate Membership for members of the public or other allied professions.

High Fives




Professional Membership

Our Professional Members are part of a network of approved and supportive practitioners who are all working together to maintain industry standards. We provide our Professional Members with a range of professional development resources, industry support and networking opportunities. Our committee and support team are all Professional Members as well so we really are in this together.

To apply for professional membership of the SSEAA you must:
  • Gain certification by completing the Sexological Bodywork Professional Training Program, a 300 hour training program which involves an extensive somatic understanding of conscious sexuality.

  • Agree to have regular ongoing supervision of your practice

  • Agree to regular professional development

  • Pay the annual membership fee of AU$150

  • Be nominated by another member of the association who has been a member for at least 1 year

  • Agree to our Code of Ethics


Access to our network of approved supervisors

Discounted tickets to SSEAA workshops and events

Professional profile listing in our online directory

Access to our online member portal

Access to exclusive member resources

Marketing platform for your events

Discounted tickets to SSEAA workshops and events

Credibility, accountability through Code of Conduct & Ethics

Access - Professional Indemnity & Public Liability Insurance

Professioal Membership
Associate Membeship

Associate Membership

Associate Membership is available to all members of the public who wish to support the field of Somatic Sex Education. This may include: 

  • Students currently enrolled in an approved certification program (reduced professional membership fee upon certification)

  • Professional Therapists, Sex Workers or persons in other related fields of interest


Access to our network of approved supervisors

Discounted tickets to SSEAA workshops and events

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