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Associate Membership

Please fill in the form below to get the ball rolling for Associate Membership. 

Application for Associate Membership

I am applying for Associate Membership of the Somatic Sex Educators' Association of Australasia.

In accordance with specific requirements detailed by the Association in its Constitution and other official documentation, which may change from time to time, I agree that:

1. I am currently not practicing as a Certified Sexological Bodyworker

2. If I choose to practice as a Certified Sexological Bodyworker I will, upon graduating from an approved training institution that has certified me as a Sexological Bodyworker, apply for full professional membership, or cancel my associate membership.

3. I will pay the annual associate membership fee

Having agreed to the associate membership requirements of the Somatic Sex Educators’ Association of Australasia, I ask to be accepted as an associate member of the Association.

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