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Magnolia's Art Class + Vulva Dialogues

Clothing optional art class for female identifying participants, with a deeper focus towards somatic sexology, vulva diversity & self love.

Magnolia's Art Class + Vulva Dialogues
9 September 2022
Alice Child


About this event
Magnolia's Art Class, in collaboration with Alice Child (The Vulva Dialogues) bring to you a VERY special life class that will bring a deeper focus towards somatic sexology as well as the exploration and, appreciation of the diversity and complexity of the VULVA!

Figure drawing will remain as a strong focus within the class (no experience necessary!), but will be accompanied by ideas, exercises and discussions lead by Alice Child that centre around developing a healthy and loving sexual relationship with ones body. This special class will also draw particular focus towards genital and vulva confidence, where the artists have the opportunity to draw a vulva power pose, and as per Magnolia's tradition, anyone is welcome to pose for the class if they feel comfortable to do so.

NOW! To those who are new to Magnolia's Art Class, here is a little info about us:

Magnolia’s is a unique art class for all cis and trans women, as well as non binary people who are comfortable in a space that centres on the experience of women. Together we create a clothing optional experience where not only the art model, but any participant is welcome to strip down and celebrate their bodies and the diversity that surrounds them! Magnolia’s Art Class is a judgment free, safe space that encourages participants to utilize art and nudity in order to create an empowering bonding experience, where everyone can leave feeling a sense of comfort, inspiration and more appreciation for diversity than ever before.

A little bit about The Vulva Dialogues:

Alice Child (She/her) is a Sex Educator and Coach, currently training to become a Certified Somatic Sexologist with the Australian School of Somatic Sexology. In 2020, she founded the project Vulva Dialogues to bring sex-positive workshops, talks and events to thousands of people globally. She believes everyone deserves a happy, healthy, safe and fulfilled sex life, and has a passion for opening up conversations, confronting taboos, and creating inclusive spaces free of judgement. She is also a qualified Lifeline suicide crisis counsellor, and in her spare time loves to paint the human body in all its wonderful and diverse forms.


2:00pm Arrival (to allow time to change and order food/drink!)

2:15pm Class commences.

A range of meat and cheese platters, alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages (Cocktails, Wines, Beer etc) will be available for purchase on the evening.


- Dressing Gown (if you are not comfortable with being completely nude you are welcome to bring anything you feel most comfortable in to wear instead!)

- Sketch book & Drawing/Painting tools of choice

- An open, accepting and positive attitude


Please note we do not provide a refund due to lack of attendance or cancellations within 48 hours of the event.

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