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Sex Ed 101 ✦ Bermagui

The sex ed you never had

Sex Ed 101 ✦ Bermagui
1 December 2023
Lillie Brown

The sex education we receive in our schooling is dismal at best, and the indirect sex education we receive from pornography and pop culture often does more harm than good.

Sex Ed 101 is a workshop led by somatic sexologist Lillie Brown dishing up the sex ed you never had. Enjoy a glass of prosecco on arrival before we dive into the sexy science behind anatomy, arousal, and desire.

You can expect a 2-hour workshop complete with a no-holds-barred Q+A to get all your burning questions and curiosities addressed (uh huh, even if you're asking for a friend). Packed with juicy insights and practical tips, you'll leave with a deeper understanding of your own body and a bunch of tools to live your best (sex) life.

Venue: Boho Republic, 6/14 Lamont St, Bermagui NSW 2546

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