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Conscious Somatic

My vision is to create a world of conscious & healthy sex educated human beings

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Thank you for visiting my profile :-),

Welcome to “Conscious Somatic”, a safe place for Eros as a birth right, a place with Integrity, Accountability and Congruence where all your sensations, feelings, edges, shadows, and curiosity for healing and/or exploration are welcomed.

This is a co-created beautiful space with room for growth, transformation and expansion, and also this is a free and trustworthy container which allows both Tantric/Taoism wisdom and connection with a somatic approach.

I am a Professional (not just clinical) Conscious Sexuality and Counselling practitioner who focuses on the soma, a celebration of pleasure and modelling of non-judgemental curiosity about the experience within the body.

I am offering my experience in creating a safe, loving, confident, patient and compassionate container where I will be fully present and holding space for you allowing trust and connection with your deepest emotions and also, allowing to explore your own juicy sexuality.

My values are sexual alignment and fulfilment; “Slower is better”; “Embrace the clunky-ness” which I learned from my mentors; and also, conscious sexuality with inner work and embodiment practices.

My vision is to create a world of conscious and healthy sex educated human beings, by bringing the awareness of magic and the power of sexual healing and sexual exploration; to create a world where sex is sacred, encouraged, celebrated and cherished; and to build communities where sexuality is not repressed or shamed.

Though I specialised in “Vulva Owners”; singles, couples of all genders and sexual identities are welcomed.

If I have awakened your curiosity, I invite you to contact myself for more info about my offerings…

Love & Blessings
Juan Martinez

"The secret of living is giving" - Tony Robbins

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