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Belinda Claveria

Embodied Sexology

Helping you feel sexually empowered, sensually alive & connected in intimacy.


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Geelong & Surf Coast

I'm a Certified Somatic Sexologist, Sexological Bodyworker, Sex & Intimacy Coach, Holistic Therapist & Embodiment Coach.

My passion is facilitating sexual empowerment, deeper intimacy & pleasure in clients.

I have invested 15 years of study into sexuality, relationships, tantra, healing, counselling & embodiment practices.

My passion is to support greater self-love, awakening orgasmicity and ecstatic aliveness into people's lives as a catalyst for more authentic living and deeper connections.

I work with couples & individuals.

I coach clients online or in-person.

With over a decade of experience working as a Holistic Therapist, & trained in Trauma Informed body work, I have great sensitivity to the needs of those that may have more challenging issues of disconnection, fears, shame and pain. I prioritise safety and agency in my clients.

I help women connect to their feminine expression, sensuality, sexual confidence, and libido, also offering Yoni mapping/vulva work.

I also support couples of any sexual orientation and I have an interest and personal experience working within a polyamorous framework along with traditional monogamy relationship needs. I understand the challenges of desire discrepancy in couples & I create a fun & safe learning environment.

I bring studies of communication and tantra to my work, helping clients develop the capacity to build enriching connected sex & pleasure into their lives.

I love supporting clients who feel disconnected from their pleasure & body and want to improve their confidence and become more orgasmic. I help women and men with arousal, how to calm a busy mind and feel more empowered around your sexuality & intimacy.

Using the tools of Sex Therapy, Sexological Bodywork, Embodied Sensuality, Intimacy practices, Breath-work, Tantra, self reflection and embodied pleasure practices, tailoring sessions to each individual.

I support clients to learn how to use pleasure, presence and passion as an alchemy for pain, disconnection & fear.

I love to help clients feel comfortable in their unique sexual essence. Confident in their body and more present to their pleasure, desires, boundaries, needs and lovers.

(photography: Tabitha Lowdon Photography)

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