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Lillie Brown

Lillie Brown ✦ Sexologist

Somatic Sexologist and Embodied Counsellor


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Far South Coast NSW and Online

Maybe it was Catholic school or maybe it was Friday night sleepovers watching Girls of the Playboy Mansion, but I’ve always been fascinated by all things sex and pleasure—why we have it, how we have it, and what we can do to have more of it.

I wholeheartedly believe that having toe-curling, fulfilling sex is life changing. And I will never stop challenging and critiquing arcane ideologies about pleasure and sexuality and oppressive systemic structures that serve to shame and disempower people. Pleasure is your birthright—we exist to feel good and feel connected; it is not a reward for labour and productivity.

I bring a warm, playful, and judgment-free manner to my private practice. I apply a client-centered approach to support individuals, couples, and groups to become intimately acquainted with their bodies, desires, and eroticism.

My approach to this work is informed by cutting-edge neuroscience, interpersonal neurobiology, somatic psychotherapy, queer theory, and time-tested practices of mindfulness and embodiment. I specialise in painful sex, mismatched libido, difficulty with arousal and orgasm, and sexual communication. A hedonist at heart, I'm committed to supporting people’s erotic transformation and sexual liberation through shame-free, pleasure-focused education.

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