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Nirvana Pilkington

Nirvana Pilkington

(Re)-Defining Pleasure

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Hello and Welcome.

I see a deep need for better quality, pleasure-based education. For most people, we struggle at times with intimacy, eroticism and sex in our closest relationships because we haven't been given the right tools to guide us. Being more resourced for the potentially thrilling journey called our erotic lives can make all the difference. This support can not only help our sexual experiences but also impact and ripple into every aspect of our life.

I come with 30+ years of history within bodywork and 20 years of teaching and training movement (high school, yoga, partner acrobatics, circus). I have completed 3 years of training as a sexological bodyworker and a somatic sex coach. I completed my final year researching desire. I also completed the Introduction to Embodied Counselling with the Institute of Somatic Sexology. I have also trained with Dr Betty Martin to become a Wheel of Consent Facilitator and also have completed the practitioner training with Barbara Carrellas of Urban Tantra. Recently, I have been working with Kenneth Ray Stubbs in his Sexual Shaman Energy Training.

By nature I am curious and playful. I am also someone who likes to dive deep into the things that I enjoy or are passionate about. I aim to lean into emotions and feelings. I love geek out in conversation in my preferred topics. I love a good dance.

I aim to provide a non-judgemental space for people to get curious, to explore what sits in their bodies during erotic encounters, to invite playfulness, lean into curiosity when shame and guilt present and to develop skills and tools to navigate sex and eroticism the way each person truly desires.

I look forward to meeting you...

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