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Patrick Bellett

Patrick Bellett Somatic Sexology

Supporting you to explore new ways of doing things to access more pleasure.


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Macedon Ranges & Online

I’m here to support positive change in your life. Sessions with me tend to be lighthearted, fun and focussed around your safety and self sovereignty to support learning and pleasure at a pace that works for you.

My passion is coaching individuals, couples or groups who are interested in reclaiming personal sovereignty & exploring their pleasure potential. My particular areas of interest are hands on bodywork, teaching Erotic Embodiment classes, running sexuality workshops, providing SSEAA supervision and peer support as well as supporting all humans who are Neurodiverse and those who are recovering from trauma or head injury.

A serious car accident in 2013 ended my career as a studio photographer. I experienced a brain injury and could no longer work or think as I had before. I had to find new ways of doing things. Things only began to turn around when I discovered embodied counselling through an old school friend who had studied with the ISS. This friend gave me an embodied counselling session, which got me curious about what is and what could be rather than focussing on what was and had been lost. This set me on a course of my own study through the ISS.

My sexbod training was during covid this meant that we had to spend a lot more time online. In addition to the required in person sessions I also conducted many additional zoom sessions. Since then I’ve run regular classes and coaching sessions via zoom, I feel equally comfortable working online, or in person one on one or with groups.

Peer support and supervision are central to my practice. My peer support group formed after finishing sexbod training in 2020 & transformed into the 4 Erotic Explorers, an erotic embodiment teaching collective. Three years on, we still meet weekly to create and explore erotic embodiment practises. I am passionate about helping others find ways of connecting to their pleasure and reclaiming self sovereignty. Over time I have come to view deconstructing outmoded ideals of patriarchy, misogyny & capitalism as central to transforming how we show up not only in the world but more importantly how we show up in our bodies and in turn, key to how we access more pleasure.

Some other things it might be useful to know about me - I am deeply blessed to be partnered with a teaching, life & love partner who also does this work so we live this as well as coach & teach it. I am also deeply in love with nature and consider myself an eco-sexual pleasure activist and adult sex educator. At home, you would most likely find me gardening, cooking and doing general dad duties.

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