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I’m Kai (he/him), a lived experienced practitioner, and the brains behind Polysoma, an Adelaide based psychotherapy and sexology practice.


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I create space for people to heal and work through complex sexual concerns—and everybody is welcome.

As a somatic practitioner in psychotherapy and sexology, I know healing and growth can take more than just talking through the challenges you’re facing. Often, we can feel the problems we face in our bodies—so it’s important to form connections with ourselves, and those around us. My role is to help you build an empathetic connection with your body, so you can kick-start your journey of self-discovery, navigate transformative experiences, and begin healing. And eventually the journey to recovery.

My goal is to support you while you work through your challenges through a variety safe and consensual modalities. In our modern world, it’s easy to forget that our body and mind are interlinked: and my aim is to help you feel empowered to reconnect with your body. To be aware of your breathing, and how your body holds tension, or physical and emotional pain. Ask yourself: what would it be like if you could feel differently—not just in your mind, but in your body, too? This is the somatic and embodied approach to my work.

Feel free to visit my website. I look forward to seeing you soon.

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