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Sage Wilde

Soma & Sage

I specialise in educating people to feel empowered about their sexuality

0452 107 528

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Brisbane and Online

I offer a range of somatic sexology services that are both educational and therapeutic.

My three core services are:

1. Healing from past experiences - Many of us have been deeply affected by past sexual and relationship experiences, which can negatively influence how we feel about ourselves and the emotional connection we have with others.

What you’re feeling is normal and your emotions make sense to me. I can work with you to help you accept the past, to love who you are now, and to develop the self-worth needed to reclaim your sexuality and pleasure.

2. Working with current challenges - Most people experience sexual challenges in their life, but we rarely talk about them. We often suffer in silence, feeling alone and embarrassed, like we’re the only one experiencing these issues.

Using a combination of counselling therapies and somatic bodywork, I can help you overcome those challenges so you can step into your full unapologetic expression of pleasure and feel empowered in your sexuality.

3. Pursuing your personal pleasure - Growing up, we often learn the basics around sex (what, how, why) but there is little focus on how we can access or enhance higher levels of pleasure and fully embrace our sexuality.

I can help you develop a stronger relationship with pleasure by helping you connect your body and mind. This awareness will empower you to express your desires and boundaries, which can create deeper connections.

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