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Lorraine Pentello

ST Therapy

EMDR, Somatic Therapist & Bodyworker. Specialising in pelvic pain, trauma and erection difficulties. LGBTQI+, poly and SW inclusive.


Online Services available (tick = yes, x= no)


I’m a Somatic Therapist specialising in working with trauma. I provide compassionate and non-judgemental support to people from all different backgrounds.

During my own journey of healing complex developmental trauma and working through my sexual hang ups, I experienced many different body based techniques. It was because of this experience that I sought out wonderful teachers and educated myself in the modalities that I found the most useful, so I could in turn offer them to the people who need them too.

For many years I worked in the sex industry, so understanding the needs of sex workers and clients is something that I’m very familiar with. As a member of the queer, poly and sex positive communities, offering non-judgemental and educated support to folx from these communities is very close to my heart.

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