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Susan Stark

Susan Stark

Step by step practical support, transforming stuckness to vibrant confidence.

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Empowering people seeking passion, confidence and deep embodied pleasure to overcome obstacles and live an orgasmically abundant life.

I am a passionate and warm practitioner and facilitator, who is delightfully and unapologetically at home in my body, aging and the challenges and joys of navigating and claiming an erotically expansive and vibrant life.

I weave together three decades of personal exploration, training, qualifications and experience as a Somatic Sex Coach, Counsellor, Group Facilitator and Shamanic Guide.
I have a special interest and long-term commitment to supporting survivors of sexual abuse and trauma reclaim their birthright of pleasure and sexual sovereignty. In addition to sessions, I do this through Embrace - a seven-week group as well as the creation of a podcast and offering training to practitioners.

I am based in Brisbane and offer individual and couple sessions as well as workshops and retreats. I am co-organiser and owner of FEAST (the Festival of Embodiment and Sexual Transformation) an incredible offering of erotic community, learning and connection.

I love savouring lazy Sunday mornings, dark chocolate and the sweet delightful joy of being in meaningful connection and community, with other embodied explorers.

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