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Laura-Doe Harris

The yOniversity

Award-winning somatic sexologist, comedienne and singer/songwriter


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I use humour, song and science to help people reconnect with the wisdom of their bodies and their full pleasure potential. 

In 2008 I founded The yOniversity® and have presented the workshops in my adult sex ed curriculum worldwide. With a rich toolkit of practical, effective techniques I help my coaching clients to overcome barriers of shame, confidence or simply mis-information.
To educate effectively and without embarrassment about sexual anatomy in people with vulvas I created The Vulvalicious® Cushions, beautiful anatomically accurate fabric sculptures. The feature in my video resource about arousal anatomy in the vulva owner
My other projects include yOnilates®, a fun program of pelvic floor exercises performed to specially composed, squeeze-along music, and my comic cabaret, ’Vaudeville of the Vulva’, which educates while it entertains.
I am currently the vice-president of the SSEAA.

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