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Kaggi Valentine


Somatic Sexologist and Bodyworker, STREAM Practitioner scar remediation and pelvic wellness care..

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Macedon Ranges & Online

I'm a Somatic Sex Educator and Bodyworker and a certified STREAM Practitioner (scar remediation specialsit) with 30 years experience in charting my menstrual cycle and holding and facilitating women's rituals and initiations from my home in Riddells Creek.

A constant theme in my personal and professional life has been to unearth the wisdom held within our own bodies.

After caring for my father until his death from prostate cancer in 2019 I chose to include some more formalised training in the field of sexuality and this is where my primary focus and passion lies these days.

Becoming a Somatic Sexologist was a natural extension of my lifelong quest to experience as much freedom as possible in my own body and to support other people find freedom in theirs.

I love geeking out on neuroscience and am passionate about the working with our nervous system to create safety, creativity and more pleasure in our lives. I love supporting people in all of life’s transitions.

I am a life long learner and am passionate am in the process of getting certified as a STREAM (scar remediation) specialist, where we work with all things pelvis and seen (physical) and unseen (emotional) scars.

I consider myself an Eco-Sexual and a Pleasure Activist and I'm dreaming and living into a time where we live in a Sex Positive world. I am a wildly perimenopausal, home birth mother of three and a former doula and I plan to grow old disgracefully.

I’m also on a mission bring the often maligned arsehole in from the cold (so to speak) and love supporting people on their journey towards anal health and pleasure.

I also have a background in Shiatsu and Traditional Chinese Medicine and other touch modalities and have exceptional touch skills.

I work with all bodies and identities and whilst I have more experience in some areas than others, I love holding an inclusive and supportive space where magic can happen and people come home to themselves.

Please visit my website for more information about what I offer.

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